Ben Kanute: A Perspective From The Sidelines

he energy in the house has shifted from late nights, cookie dates and no set plans, to going to bed early, eating healthier and getting after it.

I’m Courtney Griffin, Ben’s fiancé. Not only did I interview Ben, I have a different perspective of how he gets back into training for his first race of the year: a super-sprint race in Singapore.

If you know Ben, you know he is easy-going, but don’t let this fool you, he likes things his way especially when it comes to how he trains. Like most pro athletes, he is a type-A kind of guy. He thrives in part because of his precise time management skills (he’s always early), planning (it sometimes drives me crazy, but I have adapted), and intelligence (he’s smart, like… really smart).

When the calendar hits December/ish, he’s back to full on training mode.

Ben fits in physical therapy to prevent injury, massage, and strategically places his two or three workouts of the day throughout various times. He’s created this craft since he was a pre-teen and has perfected it.

In addition to what I’ve experienced living with the one and only, I also sat down with Ben and asked how he mentally switches his mindset to getting back to work to prepare for Superleague.

“I first set some goals to help prepare me for the season ahead.”

Training for a super-sprint is different than a longer race and requires more high intensity training and skills work. Kanute says that can help an athlete’s racing at any level. He goes on to say eliminating mistakes is basically free speed.

Ben says super-sprints are one of his favorite styles of racing because

 “mistakes are more costly and the racing is exciting to watch and be a part of. It’s just hard, everything is hard, and I love hard racing.“

I asked Ben if he feels there is more pressure on the first race because he’s been off for a few months? In a typical response, he said “yes and no.”

“You want to start the season on a good note, but it’s a long season and you have to balance peaking at the right time so you don’t burn yourself out too soon.”

Ben’s workouts, eating habits and most importantly, sleep patterns, are key to his success. He is ready to give his all in the last race of the series, which also happens to be his first race of 2019.

“I’m excited to begin the season and see where all those offseason miles have put me.”

Written by Courtney Griffin, Ben Kanute’s fiancé.
If you’ve missed the news, Super League Singapore is happening on the 23rd and 24th of Feb! Check out what’s going on at the event here

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