Arishita: I Would Have Quit if It Wasn’t for Super League

Michael Arishita has admitted he may have quit triathlon if it wasn’t for Super League.

The American star, who has become one of the sport’s most talked about athletes after his decision to try and swim in his trainers at Super League Malta, was on the verge of retirement before qualifying for the 2019/20 Championship Series.

A string of disappointing results and a failure to make a big breakthrough in the traditional formats of the sport left him feeling he had no choice but to walk away.

But after narrowing missing out on qualification in Poznan, Arishita bagged a Golden Ticket in Ottawa and has not looked back since.

He said:

Qualifying for Super League meant the world to me. It was career and, better yet, life changing.

I was close to retiring from triathlon before Ottawa, not because I wanted to. I just didn’t have the resources to continue for much longer. Qualifying for the championship series in August was the breakthrough I needed to justify staying in the sport.

I remember going into Ottawa feeling like an underdog but believing I could do it. There was probably six guys I had never beaten before, but made it happen over that weekend.

I went to the Championship Series and got crushed but it was an opportunity that has made me much better and I can’t wait for the second half of Super League season in 2020.

The Qualifier series gives any athlete the chance to compete with the best in the world. Sometimes all you need is an opportunity to change everything and SLT gave that to me. I would recommend to every triathlete anywhere in the world.

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