Head to Head – Young Guns (Wilde V Yee)

Hayden Wilde (NZL) and Alex Yee (GBR) are two of our fastest rising stars, both usually the youngest on any start list, and both up front dictating terms with the best.

The two athletes have followed very different paths into the sport. Hayden has his background rooted in XTERRA and 70.3, and Alex is part of the UK Sport World Class Lottery Funded British squad based in Leeds.

Despite their strengths and weaknesses, they average out within a hair of each other using our unique SLT Performance Indicator.

Although Hayden leans heavily on his bike strength while Alex is known for his blistering run pace, their average score for swim, bike, run, and the transition is only within 0.2 of the other.

Last weekend at the World Triathlon Leeds they battled it out on the run to finish 15th (Lee) and 16th (Wilde). With Hayden finishing 17 seconds behind Alex on the run it was a frantic race to the end – Hayden only being dropped by Alex in the final 500m!

This weekend we will see them reprise this rivalry at the World Triathlon Mixed Relay in Nottingham. The distances races over this format are as close to SLT as you can get, so now is the time to see if they can carry their Super League form into the other formats!

Hayden Wilde

Age – 21
Nationality – New Zealand
Height – 5’8”
Weight – 66kg
2018/19 season rank – 8
Series starts – 8
Series race wins – 0
Series round wins – 0
Swim performance – 5.8/10
Bike performance – 8.5/10
Run performance – 8.1/10
Transitions – 8.8/10
Execution scores – +0.5
SLT highlights – Winning Men’s Eliminator Stage 1 at SLT Round 2 Malta

Alex Yee

Age – 21
Nationality – Great Britain
Height – 5’10”
Weight – 55kg
2018/19 season rank – 24
Series starts – 2
Series race wins – 0
Series round wins – 0
Swim performance – 6.2/10
Bike performance – 6.8/10
Run performance – 8.7/10
Transitions – 8.8/10
Execution scores – 0
SLT highlights – Top 10 finish overall at SLT Round 1 Jersey

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