Head To Head: Luis v Schoeman

Vincent Luis and Henri Schoeman lit up the Super League world last year and their rivalry is continuing to be one of the fiercest in the sport of triathlon.

The two speed kings have different statures, personalities, and racing qualities, but their overall matchups have provided some mouth-watering duels and scintillating finishes.

As the pair ready themselves for further battles in the build-up to the start of the Super League 2019 series in Jersey this September, we take a look at the tale of the tape between two of the sport’s biggest superstars.

Vincent Luis

Age: 30

Nationality: France

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 65kg

2018 season rank: 1

Series starts: 8

Series race wins: 5

Series round wins: 3

Swim performance: 8.9/10

Bike performance: 7.5/10

Run performance: 9.0/10

Transitions: 8.7/10

Execution score: +0.5

SLT highlights: Super League champion 2018 with five wins in eight starts

Henri Schoeman

Age: 27

Nationality: South Africa

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 59kg

2018 season rank: 2

Series starts: 8

Series race wins: 2

Series round wins: 0

Swim performance: 9.2/10

Bike performance: 7.2/10

Run performance: 8.6/10

Transitions: 8.9/10

Execution score: +0.3

SLT highlights: Second in all four 2018 rounds with two race victories in eight starts


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