Gunning For Goals – Super League’s Best & Their 2019 Hitlist

“I want to win the Super League Championship Series.”

New Year, New Goals. We all do it, we all give ourselves a hit-list as one year crosses into another, but what if everything you were, and everything you wanted to be, hinged on beating those goals?

What if you’re one of the best triathletes in the world, competing on the biggest stage of all, and part of the Super League Triathlon (SLT) family?

Well, we asked a few of our athletes to get their thoughts on their 2019 season ahead, and some BIG goals that they’re swimming, running, and biking towards…

Katie Zaferes is currently leading the rankings as we head into the grand final in Singapore on 23/24 February and is determined to keep it that way.

 “I want to continue to work on my weaknesses so that I am able to get faster, stronger, and more adaptable to be a contender for SLT, the WTS, and to qualify for the Olympic Team.”

Katie has a clear roadmap in her mind to take the steps she needs to take to be successful and hit her goals.

“I will continue to focus on the process and work to improve both my mental and physical strength. Staying more in the moment and having a more transient relationship with unproductive negative thoughts.”

Henri Schoeman, who is 2nd in the standings has his sights set on the ultimate prize, stating bluntly

“I want to win the Super League Championship series.”

Sitting 12 points behind the leader Vincent Luis and with double points up for grabs at the grand final he is within touching distance. Can he take the step up in Singapore and end the series on a high? When it is all said and done he can focus on another of his goals for 2019,

“getting married to Franzel!”

Henri proposed to his partner Franzel at SLT Malta in 2018, so has a big year ahead!

Kirsten Kasper who is sitting in 2nd in the overall rankings has set her sights on maintaining her top SLT ranking post-Singapore.

“I want to finish in a podium position at Super League and then focus on making the US Olympic Team. Ideally, I will target a top 3 in the WTS Overall Ranking”.

Kirsten has proven she has what it takes to make the SLT Grand Final a success, and without question, the race is on between the top three in the standings to decide the final podium order.

Another big player on the SLT stage, Richard Murray, has also set his sights on the Grand Final coming up fast in Singapore.

“I want to get a podium in the SLT Grand Final, following that I need to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and get an overall podium finish in the WTS series”.

Richard admits to motivating himself by setting personal goals, and gunning for them once the year kicks off, hence his laser like focus.

Alternatively, Jodie Stimpson has not yet identified her “A” race and is driven more by a feeling of success, in her words to

“cross as many finish lines as possible knowing I gave everything I could and had the best race I could on the day – chasing podium spots. I also want to make the most out of my family and friends when I am able to spend time with them”.

Jonny Brownlee finished off his SLT year with a strong performance in Mallorca, and some of the most exciting racing the triathlon world has ever seen. He’s looking to continue this upswing of form following a tough 2018. 

“I want to race healthy again and enjoy the racing, I obviously want to qualify for the Olympics in 2020, and as always race well in the Leeds WTS race”.

Summer (Cook) Rappaport is looking for a solid finish to the SLT season balanced against some personal objectives. 

“I want to podium in Singapore, qualify for the Olympics, improve how I budget my non-training time, and begin spending more time reading for pleasure.”

Hayden Wilde who shone in the first three races of the SLT series has taken that success and given himself even higher ambitions.

 “I want to win the Green Bike Leaders Jersey in Singapore, and gain a top 4 overall finishing position in the SLT 2018/19 season.”

How is he going to do this?

“Execute high pressure and quality racing with my new mentality and mindset.”

Joanna Brown who is currently sitting in 7th in our rankings has taken a slightly lighter approach to goal setting.

 “I want to qualify for Tokyo 2020, learn to speak Spanish, not pay any airline bag fees, not break any bones, and finish more projects I start…”.

What do you think? Who will succeed and who will fail to meet their goals in 2019? Keep a close eye on all our athletes as the countdown begins to our Grand Final in Singapore. A prize purse of $1.5million up for grabs and double points will keep all fans glued to watching every second of the action. This is going to be epic.

Catch up on our 2018 races here while you’re waiting for our Grand Finals!

Super League Singapore arrives 23-24 Feb 2019 – Don’t miss it!

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