Georgia Taylor-Brown’s Tips To Stay Motivated

Georgia Taylor-Brown in Super League Triathlon's Lockdown Lowdown

Georgia Taylor-Brown has revealed her top tips to keep motivated to train during lockdown.

The Brit is the second Super League star to take part in Lockdown Lowdown, a mixture of serious training topics and getting to know the athletes.

As well as learning whether Taylor-Brown prefers pizza (with blueberries on) or pasta and a demonstration of her pre-race belly rubbing ritual, she also reveals how she has been training in lockdown.

And Taylor-Brown offered up some advice for amateur athletes everywhere who are struggling to stay motivated with no races on the horizon.

She said:

Every day in the evening set a plan for the next day. Or this week I set a plan for the entire week on Sunday evening.
I try and stick to the plan as much as I can and I like to set times for me to get out the door or whatever it is I am doing with any sessions, because then I know that I will do it.
Otherwise, if I just say I have to do gym on Friday and just write it down then I am not going to do gym until the very last minute, so if I say gym at 8am on Friday then I will do it.
Set plans for yourself and little goals.

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