Ben Kanute On Improving Mental Toughness For Racing During Lockdown

Ben Kanute at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey

Ben Kanute believes lockdown training can be used to help improve an athlete’s mental toughness for when racing returns.

The American star was this week’s guest on Super League’s Lockdown Lowdown.

He revealed a change in routine thanks to his 15 week old puppy Tucker (watch the video to get a look at him), as well as how he is dealing with training.

He said:

Training indoors is definitely a bit more mentally challenging because you don’t always have the scenery to look at as you are going by a specific route but it’s a great way to work on your mental toughness.

As well as revealing what he’s watching on TV, his go to movie and his lockdown soundtrack, Kanute gave advice for triathletes everywhere dealing with lockdown.

Have specific goals.
There still will be racing at some point but finding some process goals and focussing on the journey and finding some new ways to have some good training efforts and goals in there is a good way to still have some motivation and work on the discipline.

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