Alternative Leaderboard Shows How Different Things Could Look And Reveals Team Stars

2022 Superleague Toulouse France Pro Women. Dw 018

It’s the alternative Leaderboard that has Beth Potter in second place, Jamie Riddle in third and Emma Jeffcoat leapfrogging many of her rivals as Super League Triathlon today reveals all the points that have been earned in the Championship Series so far.

The top 15 in each race earn points for the Overall Leaderboard, but the Discipline Leaderboard points, which contribute to Teams scores and the race for $15,000 for the fastest swimmers, bikers and runners, tell another story.

The biggest drama is in the women’s where Beth Potter, who is fourth in the Overall would be joint second with Taylor Spivey if all points earned were taken into account. Potter has bagged a mighty 20 points in the run Discipline Leaderboard, while Spivey has earned solely through the Overall.

Sophie Coldwell, who sits third in the Overall, would be relegated to sixth by account of having picked up just four Discipline Leaderboard points.

Emma Jeffcoat would be the biggest mover in either the men’s or the women’s field. Her big swim and bike would have her in sixth place despite only earning two points in four races in the Overall, a gain of a whopping 12 spots.

In the men’s the biggest gain would be by Jamie Riddle. He is close to sewing up the swim Discipline Leaderboard and also has some bike points in hand. He would gain six places.

The biggest loser would be Kenji Nener who would fall five places.

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