Men - Rotterdam 20/19

Series Arena Games | Rotterdam | Aug 2020

Formats Triple Mix

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Race Results

1Justus Nieschlag24
2Vasco Vilaca22
3Javier Gomez20
4Jonathan Brownlee20
5Jonas Schomburg20
6Pierre Le Corre17
7Alois Knabl13
8Richard Murray11
9Donald Hillebregt10
10Marco van der Stel8

Throwing the traditional swim-bike-run sequence out the window the Triple Mix shuffles the disciplines over three stages. Tactics for survival are fierce and athletes are eliminated from the race if they fall more than 90 seconds behind. Short Chute also comes into play in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Mistakes in this format are costly and the fight to stay in the race will be the focus. Nothing will be left on the course!

At the end of each stage, athletes enjoy a 6 to 10 min. break based on the first athlete’s arrival time.

Results posted shortly after the race are preliminary. Please check the final results at least 24hrs after the race. Results may contain errors.

Day 1 | Triple Mix

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