Wilde: It Was Worth The Early Alarm Call

Hayden Wilde felt his early wake-up call was worth the effort as he produced an excellent showing in Super League’s final outing of the Zwift Classics series.

Time difference meant the New Zealander had to set his alarm at 6am to ensure he had a coffee and was ready to race the Crit City Slam.

He rode in the front pack the whole way with teammates Alistair Brownlee and Vincent Luis to finish just 4.6 seconds behind the winner.

He said:

I am pretty hot now. The heart doesn’t enjoy a 6am wake-up so it was pretty intense!
I really enjoyed it and it was great to see all the boys up top.

Alistair was pushing the pace at the front which was really cool and also I had my Zwift Companion up by the side and he had a big orange balloon above his head so I knew if he was there pushing the pace I was in the same area. It was really nice to have the boys there to keep pushing you along.

Wilde averaged 353 watts for the ride and admitted he needed to be near his FTP to keep in the front pack.

Having previously raced for Super League in the London International and struggled, Wilde was pleasantly surprised to have done so well on a course he didn’t think would suit him.

I think for me I raced in London but I had a real big training week and I didn’t have the legs. I averaged the same heart rate but I pushed about 50 watts less in that race to this race. I thought I would struggle more in this race because being quite a lightweight athlete I thought I would struggle more on the flat sections.

For me it was quite hard only weighing 63kgs pushing on the flat with these guys. I thought London would be more my course because of the hill climb and the watts per kg is what it’s all about on Zwift so I would be perfect for it but the legs didn’t enjoy the mileage for that week.

I attacked it like the other races. It was my seventh Zwift race as an amateur and two as a pro and I have learnt a lot over the last two weeks and you just apply that. If you are not in the top 50 you are in trouble so in this race I thought if I went anything below 50 I would have to quickly zoom back up to the front and push as hard as I can.


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