Smells Like Team Spirit To Luis

Vincent Luis hailed the spirit of the Super League Triathlon esports squad as his motivation for pushing through the pain barrier.

The Super League champion raced all three men’s events in the Zwift Classics series, helping the squad to a top ten place in the Richmond International team race and finishing 25th just over a second off the winner in the Crit City Slam.

Luis admitted the whole experience has been an education, but that he has enjoyed competing alongside those who would normally be rivals on the Super League start line.

He said:

It was good and I’m glad it is done because it is pretty tough but I would love to race more. Zwift races are the only races we can do now. It was good with the guys and we had a good spirit with the guys and I am keen to do more if Super League is up for organising it.

Speaking after crossing the line in the final race he added:

That was hard. I mean what you expect from a Crit race. It was fast from the start and I stayed at the front as much as I can. I didn’t want to wait for the sprint because it was impossible to win or reach the top 10 and we saw that but I wanted to push a bit more watts with one lap to go but I think everyone had the same idea. I was just trying to keep up at the back and make the best results possible and 25th and 180bpm average I think I gave everything.

Luis was also sporting a black eye and a sharp new haircut and joked:

I made that Peaky Blinders haircut and I went into a bar and got into a fight – too much beer and no races! Seriously, it is just a bit of infection but it’s getting better now.

The fade (haircut) has been now. It is from the past and it is the Peaky Blinders haircut and that’s the new thing. It is some sort of lockdown thing because it is much easier than a fade.


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