POWER DATA: The numbers behind Coldwell’s amazing performance

Sophie Coldwell pushed an amazing average of 287 watts as she finished sixth in the Watopia Cup.

The 25-year-old produced a stunning performance to deliver another brilliant result for Super League Triathlon’s esports squad in the Zwift Classics series.

Coldwell averaged 4.9 watts per kg for the ride that saw her stick in a small front pack along with some top pro cyclists before finishing just 0.40 seconds behind the winner.

Here are all the stats from the Super League squad:

Sophie Coldwell
Finishing position: 6
Finishing time: 28:05
Average power: 287w
Normalised power: 287w
Watts per kg: 4.9
Average heart rate (BPM): 181

Angelica Olmo
Finishing position: 47
Finishing time: 29:14
Average watts: 268w
Normalised power: 268w
Watts per kg: 4.6
Average heart rate (BPM): 173

Rachel Klamer
Finishing position: 57
Finishing time: 29:54
Average watts: 243w
Normalised power: 244w
Watts per kg: 4.7
Average heart rate (BPM): Unknown

Lisa Perterer
Finishing position: 64
Finishing time: 29:59
Average watts: 232w
Normalised power: 231w
Watts per kg: 4.6
Average heart rate (BPM): 177

Ilaria Zane
Finishing position: 96
Finishing time: 33:13
Average watts: 199w
Normalised power: 201w
Watts per kg: 4.3
Average heart rate (BPM): 175

The men are in action again on Saturday night at 7pm BST.


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