POWER DATA: Super League’s top ten men in numbers

Alistair Brownlee and Vincent Luis averaged nearly 400 watts and Alex Yee an event leading 5.9 watts per kg as they helped Super League Triathlon’s esports squad to a brilliant first top ten finish in the Zwift Classics series.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Brownlee averaged 383 watts with a normalised power of 402 watts for just over 40 minutes of racing to finish 14th.

Luis crossed the line just two places behind with the same finish time at 387 watts and a normalised power of 400 watts.

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British rising star Yee proved he has improved his biking with a stunning 19th place. Though his watts were lower he is a lot lighter and his remarkable 5.9 watts per kg was the best in the entire 116 man field that was stacked with Pro cyclists.

Here are all the stats from the Super League squad:

Alistair Brownlee
Finishing position: 14
Finishing time: 40:30
Average power: 383w
Normalised power: 402w
Watts per kg: 5.4
Average heart rate (BPM): Unknown

Vincent Luis
Finishing position: 16
Finishing time: 40:30
Average watts: 387w
Normalised power: 400w
Watts per kg: 5.7
Average heart rate (BPM): 182

Alex Yee
Finishing position: 19
Finishing time: 40:33
Average watts: 334w
Normalised power: 345w
Watts per kg: 5.9
Average heart rate (BPM): 179

Richard Murray
Finishing position: 92
Finishing time: 45:34
Average watts: 351w
Normalised power: 356w
Watts per kg: 4.9
Average heart rate (BPM): 185

Kristian Blummenfelt
Finishing position: 106
Finishing time: 48:08
Average watts: 322w
Normalised power: 332w
Watts per kg: 4.3
Average heart rate (BPM): Unknown

The women are in action again on Tuesday night at 7pm BST with the men returning on Saturday April 25.


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