Murray keyed up for SLT esports racing

Richard Murray is excited for his first outing in Super League’s esports squad on Friday night.

The South African star lines-up alongside the like of Alistair Brownlee and Vincent Luis for this evening’s Richmond Challenge, which is the first team race for the men in the Zwift Classics series.

Murray has been greeting up to speed on all things Zwift, and has already swotted up on the various gaming advantages the platform delivers and how best to use them.

Ahead of Friday night’s race, which can be viewed here with full build-up and SLT athlete interviews with Will McCloy and Chris McCormack from 6.35pm, Murray said:

I would guess the athletes with a harsher lockdown are going to become better on Zwift so you can thank your country on your Zwift progression. I definitely think Zwift racing is the only type of racing you can watch and bet on currently and the ones that are becoming bigger and more teams and races continually.

I actually sat down to watch the last race when the Super League guys were racing because I wanted to see how much hurt they were going through. Watching Alistair riding on the front was such an Alistair thing to do, which was awesome. It’s the style of his racing.

Marten Van Riel is the Zwift God of Super League currently because he’s had more time on Zwift. He’s like a Lionel Sanders, who had technical problems before. That’s the mechanical of the eworld of racing if your connection drops or your battery runs out.

I think it’s very cool and different and something people can get excited about.

If you go to the grocery store and there happens to be toilet paper in there that’s otherwise the biggest excitement you can get nowadays or doing an interview in your pyjamas or getting out of your sweatpants by 1pm.


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