Lucy Charles-Barclay Pushed All The Way In eSports Classic

Lucy Charles-Barclay was pushed all the way as she secured a narrow victory despite being third over the finish line in the second women’s race of the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series.

The British star had it all her own way in the first event as she collected maximum points, but it was a different story this time round with seven scoring opportunities over three laps of the Watopia course on Zwift.

Maya Kingma took the win in a sprint finish with Emma Pallant again outstanding in second place and Charles-Barclay relegated to third.

However, Charles-Barclay was a consistent force in the sprint and QOMs, scooping significant points in them all to take the overall victory from Kingma, Pallant and Lucy Hall.

It was only ever those four plus Djenyfer Arnold and, for a time, Luisa Baptista, who really figured after an early climb split the pack dramatically.

Over the course of the two women’s races, Charles-Barlcay dominated the scoring with Pallant finishing second and Kingma in third.

Race 2 Points:

  1. Lucy Charles-Barclay 31
  2. Maya Kingma 27
  3. Emma Pallant 27
  4. Lucy Hall 21
  5. Djenyfer Arnold 9
  6. Luisa Baptista 8

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