Lucy Charles-Barclay dominates first Super League Triathlon women’s race on Zwift

Lucy Charles-Barclay put on a dominant display to win the first women’s race of the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series with Emma Pallant and Luisa Baptista both on the podium.

In her first appearance in the SLT colours, Charles-Barclay won all four intermediate sprints and topped it off with an exciting sprint pipping Emma Pallant to the finish line to secure a perfect 30 points.

The women race as individuals with the top eight point scorers in each race earning prize money. Points are scored as 5/4/3/2/1 for QOM and sprints and 10/8/6/4/2 across the finish line.

Emma Pallant and Luisa Baptista pushed Charles-Barclay all the way but were unable to topple the experienced Zwift racer. Pallant finished 2nd with 21 points just ahead of Baptista on 18, Sophie Coldwell on 9 and Maya Kingma on 7, who was remarkably racing for the first time ever on Zwift.

The men race again on Thursday June 18 (7pm BST), while the women are in the spotlight on Tuesday June 23 (7pm BST).

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