Lucy Charles-Barclay And Emma Pallant Record Stunning Power Numbers In Gripping Finale

Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series on Zwift

British duo Lucy Charles-Barclay and Emma Pallant both registered normalised power of more than 300 watts as the women put on a gripping show in the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series.

Charles-Barclay took the overall victory with an average power of 287w over Zwift’s Watopia course on Zwift and normalised of 305w at 4.9 watts per kg, while Pallant recorded an average of 294w and normalised of 301w.

Maya Kingma was first across the finish line, and third overall, with a 258w average and a normalised of 275w.

Here are some of the standout figures:

Lucy Charles-Barclay
Time: 40:05
Average power: 287w
Normalised power: 305w
Watts per kg: 4.9
Ave heart rate: 171bpm

Maya Kingma
Time: 40:05
Average power: 258w
Normalised power: 275w
Watts per kg: 4.4
Ave heart rate: 180bpm

Emma Pallant
Time: 40:05
Average power: 294w
Normalised power: 301w
Watts per kg: 5.0
Ave heart rate: Unknown

Lucy Hall
Time: 40:05
Average power: 285w
Normalised power: 297w
Watts per kg: 4.6
Ave heart rate: 180bpm

Djenyfer Arnold
Time: 40:06
Average power: 270w
Normalised power: 276w
Watts per kg: 4.9
Ave heart rate: 159bpm

Luisa Baptista
Time: 41:13
Average power: 253w
Normalised power: 263w
Watts per kg: 4.7
Ave heart rate: 170bpm

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