Great Britain Edge Out Australia in eSports Classic as Alistair Brownlee Finishes Second

Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series on Zwift Race 2

Great Britain edged out Australia to take the cash prize as Jackson Laundry pipped Alistair Brownlee with a thrilling final sprint in the second men’s race of the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series.

The teams took on the UCI World’s Harrogate Circuit on Zwift in what proved to be another completing race.

Great Britain took home the cash for accumulating the most points in the four KOM and intermediate sprint sections beating Australia by just one point. Such was their dominance that they ended on 27 and 26 points respectively while one other team, France, even registered.

However, it was Australia who topped the rankings for the General Classification in the race, which is calculated via the accumulated times of the fastest two riders across the finish line from each team, leaving the nations with virtually nothing to choose between them heading into the decider on Thursday June 25 (7pm BST).

Laundry was part of a three way sprint for the finish line and managed to beat Brownlee into second by 0.056 seconds while Max Stapley was third.

Team points:

Great Britain 27

Australia 26

France 7


  1. Jackson Laundry
  2. Alistair Brownlee
  3. Max Stapley
  4. David Mainwaring
  5. Jeremy Briand
  6. Nathan Killam
  7. Cedrik Bakke Christophersen
  8. Alex Yee
  9. James Cunnama
  10. Aaron Royle

Total team times (combined time of top two riders count for General Classification)

  1. Australia 1:13:55
  2. Great Britain 1:13:56 (+00.809)
  3. Canada 1:13:57 (+01.910)
  4. France 1:13:59 (+04.048)
  5. Germany 1:14:29 (+33.684)
  6. Norway 1:14:34 (+38.980)
  7. USA 1:16:47 (+02:52.083)
  8. Brazil 1:17:24 (+03:28.623)

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