Data Dive: Alistair Brownlee’s Big Power Numbers Deliver Second Place While James Cunnama Records Huge Figures

Alistair Brownlee is racing in the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series on Zwift

Alistair Brownlee’s normalised power was 27 watts greater than Jackson Laundry but the Canadian narrowly defeated the two time Olympic gold medalist in the second men’s race of the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series.

Brownlee’s normalised power over the UCI World’s Circuit on Zwift was an impressive 397 watts, with an average of 371 watts.

However, he had to settle for second as he was beaten over the line by a whisker by Jackson Laundry, whose race stats recorded a normalised power of 370 watts and an average of 354 watts.

Ironman star James Cunnama had the biggest numbers in the race with a whopping normalised power of 419 watts.


Jackson Laundry
Position: 1
Time: 36:57
Average power: 354w
Normalised power: 370w
Watts per kg: 5.3
Ave heart rate: 165bpm

Alistair Brownlee
Position: 2
Time: 36:57
Average power: 371w
Normalised power: 397w
Watts per kg: 5.3
Ave heart rate: Unknown

Max Stapley
Position: 3
Time: 36:57
Average power: 364w
Normalised power: 380w
Watts per kg: 5.4
Ave heart rate: 179bpm

Selected others

David Mainwaring
Position: 4
Time: 36:58
Average power: 340w
Normalised power: 365w
Watts per kg: 5.0
Ave heart rate: 172bpm

Alex Yee
Position: 8
Time: 36:59
Average power: 315w
Normalised power: 327w
Watts per kg: 5.5
Ave heart rate: 172bpm

James Cunnama
Position: 9
Time: 36:59
Average power: 395w
Normalised power: 419w
Watts per kg: 5.1
Ave heart rate: 159bpm

Kristian Blummenfelt
Position: 18
Time: 37:36
Average power: 353w
Normalised power: 376w
Watts per kg: 4.9
Ave heart rate: 163bpm

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