Australia Aim To Down Great Britain In eSports Decider

Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series on Zwift Max Stapley

Max Stapley is ready to try and drive Australia to victory in the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series after a miscalculation saw them lose out to Great Britain in race two.

There is a lot to ride for in the third and final race of the Series on Thursday June 25 (7pm BST). Australia took the team points, and the cash bonus, in the first race, before Great Britain edged them out by a point in the latest edition.

The third race will be the unofficial decider and will also determine the General Classification Leaderboard and where the big prize money goes to.

Australia sit top but are just two seconds ahead of Great Britain and three clear of Canada in third.

Stapley, who came home third in a sprint finish on the UCI Worlds Course on Zwift in the second race, said:

Aaron Royle’s mate was tallying up some points for it and we thought we had it so to find out we didn’t is heartbreaking.

We are keen to go again and if there is anybody I wanted to lose the last KOM to it’s Alex Yee because he’s such a great bloke.

It is a game and you’ve got to get good at playing it.

I remember the first few weeks I was caught in the lockdown out here I was screaming at the computer ‘I’m pushing 350 watts, how am I getting dropped?’

Then you figure it out and that’s what we saw the first week with some seasoned athletes who would never get dropped in real life just doing so in the first five minutes. Once you know how to do it it gets easier.

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