Alistair Brownlee’s Unusual Zwift Cool Down Routine

Alistair Brownlee is staying fit to race Super League Treiahtlon or Ironman with as little as four weeks' notice

Alistair Brownlee revealed his cool down method after a hard turbo session on Zwift – getting straight off the bike for a shower and a glass of wine.

The dual Olympic gold medallist put in another stirring display in the Super League Triathlon eSports Cycling Series, helping Great Britain to edge out Australia by one point to take the cash prize on the UCI Worlds Course as well as finishing second overall himself.

Within minutes a relaxed and refreshed looking Brownlee joined Will McCloy on Super League’s Instagram channel and revealed his Thursday night post-race routine.

He laughed:

I am about to have dinner. It’s Thursday evening so I am going to have a glass of wine and have had a shower.

I don’t bother with a cool down. I stop pedalling, get off the bike and get in the shower.

Thursday evening is always followed by an easy day so I can be relaxed.

Alistair Brownlee ahead of the Super League Triathlon esports Cycling Series

Brownlee’s performance on the bike was once again superb, and he was pleased to have come second in a three-way sprint for the finish line.

He admitted:

I thought I came third so I was quite happy when I saw the results.

It was good, better than my Zwift attempt last week so I am pleased with that.

It is pretty tough. You can see from the figures that it’s a pretty tough effort so it’s best not to do too many of them but it’s fun as well and you can be one and off within an hour with a ten minute warm up and ten minute cool down.

It’s good and like we keep saying it is as good as we can get at the moment so we have to make the most of it.

Quite a lot of my training normally is based around things like that. On a Thursday night I would do the local chain gang which is actually even more competitive, but it’s how I train and push myself hard and that’s what I enjoy.

It ticks the box for that but not quite like standing on the start line and crossing that proper finish line.

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