SLTReloaded: Short Chute Tactics Dominate in Super League Mallorca

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Short Chute tactics come into their own for the first time as Super League Triathlon visits Mallorca for this week’s SLTReloaded.

Super League has always been a tactical as well as a physical battle, but it really went up a notch on the Balearic Island in 2018.

The Short Chute came into its own and had a podium changing impact on the results of Sunday’s Sprint Enduro finals.

Both the eventual male and female winners opted to take the Short Chute on the second lap with their closest rival using it first time round – and it proved decisive.

It was a memorable weekend in the women’s field for Taylor Spivey, while Katie Zaferes still battled hard despite a fall in transition.

Super League Triathlon Mallorca

The men’s race marked the resurgence of Jonny Brownlee after a difficult period where he had been hampered by injuries and set him up for a real return to form in 2019.

As part of Super League’s commitment to keeping triathlon fans entertained during lockdown, we are offering the chance to watch all of our races for FREE over the course of eight weeks.

Racing in Mallorca 2018 starts at 10am BST for the women and 11.30am BST for the men. Saturday sees the Triple Mix format before the Sprint Enduro rounds things off on Sunday.



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