SLTReloaded Countdown: Will McCloy’s Super League Highlights

Katie Zaferes and Cassandre Beaugrand Singapore 2018

Super League has produced some truly thrilling moments as it has shaken up the triathlon world – and one man has been there to call them all.

The brilliant Will McCloy, known as the ‘Voice of Super League’, will have his finest work once again showcased over the next eight weekends as fans are invited to relive the journey from the start for FREE thanks to SLTReloaded.

The Aussie commentator has an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport and Super League’s stars, and ahead of the kick-off of SLTReloaded with the three-day bonanza of the original Hamilton Island test starting on Friday, we asked Will to try and pick out a few highlights from Super League’s past.

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to watch the upcoming events and avoid the results then please stop reading now!

Singapore 2019 – Women’s Final

The race between Katie Zaferes and Cassandre Beaugrand right up to the line was absolutely fantastic.
You can see a little bit of push and shove too and you’ve got to really push the women hard to get even a little bit of that.
You could see Katie have a little look up at the screen, she could see exactly where Casaandre was and threw the elbow out just a touch and then they came across the line together. We called it as Cassandre and it was Cassandre.
At the time we talked about the present and the future of triathlon and I think that still stands today because Cassandre is part of that French revolution of Grand Prix and fast style racing. Two completely different athletes that offered us so much and there was nothing between them and for me that was the highlight of all women’s racing that we’ve had.

Mallorca 2018 – Men’s Final

That was when the short cute really came into its own.
Jonny Brownlee and Vincent Luis both had a Short Chute from their heats on the previous day and Jonny took it on the second to last lap and gave himself a little bit of a gap with one lap to go.
He just had to put the hammer down and then they came to the last lap and Vince had one up his sleeve and took the Short Chute.
We really got it right that day with the Short Chute. When we talked about the Short Chute this was the kind of race we had in our minds in terms of using that innovation, bringing the tactics to the racing and making the racing so exciting.
It was exactly how we wanted it to happen which was fantastic.

SLTReloaded kick-offs at 10am BST on Friday with day one of the original Super League test event in Hamilton Island. It continues with day two on Saturday April 11 and the day three finale on Sunday April 12. All the races will also be available to watch on demand once they have been shown.

The events will then continue to be broadcast in order each weekend with the women’s racing every Saturday and the men’s on Sunday.


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