SLTReloaded Countdown: Macca’s Super League Highlights

Chris McCormack admits a sense of pride as he looks back over some of the most memorable triathlon moments which he helped to create.

The four-time World Champion is one of the co-founders of Super League and is excited about reliving some of its greatest moments when SLTReloaded – which over the next eight weekends will broadcast all of the races from the sport’s most exciting series – begins on Friday.

McCormack is the man behind some of SLT’s unique race formats as well as the Short Chute and wants all the events to be widely enjoyed for free during a difficult time for the triathlon community.

Ahead of the start of SLTReloaded we asked Macca to try and pick his highlights from Super League’s past.

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to watch the upcoming events and avoid the results then please stop reading now!

Malta 2018 – Women’s Final

If we go back to that race it was the beginning of the Equalizer format, the beginning of Taylor Spivey who came across and dominated the time trial swim there and a pursuit start. We came down to a shootout between all the Americans having got rid of Rachel Klamer and Spivey.
Kirsten Kasper was showing good momentum, Summer Cook had shown a lot of power in Jersey and looked to be on good form and coming into that Katie Zaferes looked vulnerable the whole way through that event.
But to use her strength and attack on the last climb of the run to dominate the way she did was impressive racing across the board.
That was the end of it but that entire Equalizer format was a marvellous race.

Jersey 2018 – Men’s Final

You had the top five in the world with Mario Mola coming in on the back of his third world title but being shafted by that sheer speed on the Enduro format and was dropped.
It came down to an unbelievable three-way shootout between Richard Murray, who coming into that season had won our season the year before and was dominant, Vincent Luis, who was new to our racing and really starting to show that weekend the form we have got used to seeing now, and Henri Schoeman, the picture of consistency all over that race.
They got rid of Jonny Brownlee, they got rid of Kristian Blummenfelt – it was just like bottles on a wall and falling off one at a time and it all came down to the last run. It was ridiculously exciting.

SLTReloaded kick-offs at 10am BST on Friday with day one of the original Super League test event in Hamilton Island. It continues with day two on Saturday April 11 and the day three finale on Sunday April 12. All the races will also be available to watch on demand once they have been shown.

The events will then continue to be broadcast in order each weekend with the women’s racing every Saturday and the men’s on Sunday.


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