Super League Qualifier Series – See It Through!

“I think the qualification process is a terrific initiative. It allows all the athletes wanting a Golden Ticket the chance to race over the unique & challenging Super League formats, proving themselves worthy of a slot!” Emma Jeffcoat

Australia’s Emma Jeffcoat and Canada’s Tyler Mislawchuk were our top finishers to graduate from 2018’s qualifier events. Both sealed their places in the series at the SLT Qualifier’18 Poznan, Poland, and went on to race right at the pointy end of proceedings throughout the main series.

After the Championship Finale in Singapore, Emma ended up finishing 9th as a result of some gutsy racing, strong swimming, and clever positioning when it mattered. With this, she has gained an automatic slot for the 2019/20 series and showed that qualification was well worth going for!

“I’m thrilled to know I secured a slot for the 2019/20 Super League series! I went into Singapore in some great form following on from the end of 2018 & proved that I deserve to be there!”

Tyler found himself animating the racing throughout the series, often at the front dictating terms, and ended up just off the podium in 4th place after Singapore. Going from qualifier to potential podium finisher shows just how talented he is, and how bright a future he has within our series.

“Super League exposes any weaknesses an athlete may have and magnifies them. I didn’t set a specific goal coming into the series so to come away with 4th behind some of the biggest names in the sport is absolutely amazing.”

With Super League Triathlon (SLT) being the pinnacle of endurance sport, the competition to be part of the series is tight. Only the top 10 finishers from the previous series get an automatic slot for the following year.

The rest of the field is made up of qualifiers, who take advantage of our unique qualification events that give every professional athlete the world over a chance to show their worth and earn their place on the Super League starting line!

Emma and Tyler are prime examples of the unique opportunity Super League gives to all professional triathletes to not only be part of the main Championship Series but to excel once there.

Tyler has found that this experience has had added benefits, more than just allowing him to race in the main event.

“No doubt this past season in SLT has given me a new found confidence that I can mix it up front with the guys. Believing you can, and actually doing it are two very different things.”

In 2019 we have an expanded qualifier series, Bali has been and gone, and we have Poznan and Ottawa to look forward to. These events will be more stacked than ever before, and we will see the next generation of talented stars emerge to take on the established order! Interested in signing up? Check out our next two qualifiers in Poznan (28 – 30 Jun) and Ottawa (3 – 4 Aug) HERE!

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