Super League Triathlon Penticton: Are All Events Created Equal?

After going to so many different types of events and races across the world, I can honestly say none of them offer the complete experience that you get with Super League!” ∼ Lucy Richardson (Age Group Athlete)

As an Age Group triathlete, you know the score. You rock up to an event weekend, you register, rack your bike, sort your gear, get up early to race, cross the finish line, buy some merch, and begin the journey home. It’s a tried and tested formula, and while there may be some variations, we all know most event weekends are cut from the same cloth… that is, until now.

On 23-25 August, Super League Triathlon Penticton is upping the ante like never before by putting on a weekend of pure Age Group racing!

With the longest consecutive hosting record of any triathlon event in North America, Penticton is a place soaked in triathlon history. The small community is energised by this spectacular weekend of endurance sport and the excitement builds as the town readies itself for the action.

The race is situated in the heart of Penticton (famed for having the most attractive climate of all Canadian cities) with the race course connected to the host hotel and the beach. Everything is within touching distance including the over 150 wineries and a smattering of local breweries! As an athlete, all that you need to prepare and compete is in one place, and your supporters will have no trouble cheering you on throughout the entire weekend.

Super League is here for everyone. No matter what stage of your triathlon journey, we want you to come and be part of our weekend as you’ll have the time of your life! Don’t just take our word for it though, have a listen to those who have already jumped aboard the Super League express, or are about to take their first step into our world!

Phil Jarvis raced Age Group Jersey and Mallorca:

I’ve raced all distances in triathlon but was drawn to Super League because of the fresh and new formats that suit the way I train. From my perspective, as a coach as well as an athlete, I see Super League as open to anyone. Don’t be afraid to give it a go, as even if you don’t fancy the whole thing, you can be part of the relay and slot into individual legs across the weekend.

I sum a Super League weekend up as laser-guided professionalism with heaps of attention to detail providing a great race experience.

Lucy Richardson raced Age Group in Mallorca and Singapore:

Most race weekends are only about the athlete and very race focused at the exclusion of all else. Super League is inclusive, it is not just about the athletes, but also their families and friends. It doesn’t matter if you are taking part or not at a Super League event as there is so much going on and they cater for everyone. The racing is MADE for spectators with tight courses that pull you into the action. It is totally different from most triathlons, as being a spectator anywhere else can be pretty lonely and boring!

It’s an atmosphere you will not find at any other Triathlon event!

Tom Scott about to race his first SLT weekend:

I have been drawn to Super League because I like the look of the formats and how they are different from standard races. It is exciting, it is fresh, and the hype around it is really great for the sport. It seems to be pulling everyone in and breaking down the divide between the pros and the Age Groupers.

Super League is making everything in the sport seem a little more achievable.

Visit Super League Canada for more information and start your Super League journey today!

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