Super League Ottawa: The City Dives Into Race Mode

Exciting things are happening in the city of Ottawa as it opens its doors to triathletes from all around the world this weekend. Gearing up for some fast-paced swim-bike-run action at Super League Triathlon Ottawa, things are already kicking off in style with some pre-race fun in the famous Rideau Canal.

In winter, the Rideau Canal becomes the longest skating rink in the world, at 7.8km. But this weekend will be a whole different picture, as the canal, which has never been open to swimmers, will be welcoming hundreds of athletes into its waters before they head out on a rapid bike leg around the city.

The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, welcomed the organising committee in Ottawa yesterday, and despite admitting that he himself is a triathlete – “sleeping, eating and talking are my sports” – he expressed great admiration for the athletes who are to be racing in this iconic city over the weekend.

“One of the things that we’ve really tried to work on over the past couple years in the city of Ottawa is to encourage more major international and national sporting events… And now we’re proud to be adding the Super League Triathlon.

This is not only a great opportunity for the athletes to showcase their abilities, but it’s a great opportunity for the city of Ottawa to showcase this beautiful venue. I want to thank the organisers very much for investing in and bringing the triathlon right here to the nation’s capital, and I encourage people to come out to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau canal, and cheer these great athletes on.”

To mark the occasion and get the adrenaline pumping across the city, a group of local youth racers jumped in the canal and demonstrated their swimming prowess in the famous canal, donning the awesome Super League colours with panache.

If you’re local to Ottawa, this weekend’s racing spectacle will be one to not miss out on! Find out what’s going on over the weekend here.

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