Super League Ottawa: Pro Racing Recap – Day 1

Day 1 of Super League Ottawa certainly went down with a bang as the Pros tore up the course trying to secure their chances for an elusive Golden Ticket. They were put to the test against the savage Enduro format, 300m Swim – 4km Bike – 1.6km Run x3.

As the final qualifier before the Championship Series, which starts in Jersey on 28-29 September, the pressure was on for Day 1. An average performance today would make Pros’ efforts to gain a Golden Ticket that much harder as their race on Day 1 translates into points that contribute to a point total at the end of the weekend, after Day 2’s racing. Those who do not qualify this weekend will have to wait a full year before Super League holds its 2020 qualifiers.

Centred around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rideau Canal, the fast-paced racing set the Canadian capital alight with adrenaline and excitement, and with several hundred people cheering on the side-lines, the atmosphere was electric.

In the women’s race, it was action right from the gun as Nicole Van Der Kaay and Charlotte McShane established their dominance early on, leading the race from almost start to finish. In the mix was Paula Findlay who, despite usually racing middle distance triathlon, managed to hang on for the first two laps before dropping back. Canadian Desirae Ridenour hung in hard for a fourth-place finish.

Women’s Day 1 Qualifier Leaderboard

  1. Nicole Van Der Kaay (NZL) – 25 Points
  2. Charlotte McShane (AUS) – 21 Points
  3. Paula Findlay (CAN) – 18 Points
  4. Desirae Ridenour (CAN) – 16 Points
  5. Severine Bouchez (BEL) – 14 Points
  6. Megan Foley (USA) – 12 Points

The men’s race was an equally exciting affair as the Canadians Aiden Longcroft-Harris and Alexis Lepage lead the way for the first lap. On lap two, Australian Ryan Bailie put in a strong effort to split the two Canadians, eventually pulling into the first position on the run as Lepage fell off the back and USA’s Michael Arishita moved up into third place. The final lap was a full-on battle between Bailie and Longcroft-Harris on the run before Bailie managed to pull away and take the win. Here’s the leaderboard after a hard-fought Day 1.

Men’s Day 1 Qualifier Leaderboard

  1. Ryan Bailie (AUS) – 25 Points
  2. Aiden Longcroft-Harris (CAN) – 21 Points
  3. Michael Arishita (USA) – 18 Points
  4. John Rasmussen (CAN) – 16 Points
  5. Austin Hindman (USA) – 14 Points
  6. Kieran Jackson (IRL) – 12 Points

What a day, and it’s only going to get tougher for the athletes now! The heat will really be dialed up for Day 2 as we see our pros battle it out for the very last chance to get their Golden Ticket.

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