Super League Ottawa: A Rideau Canal Special

Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is proving to offer something for all seasons – and Super League Triathlon is offering Age Groupers a once in a lifetime chance to make a piece of history.

The famous 202km long river, which connects Canada’s capital city of Ottawa with Lake Ontario, is set to be immortalised in a computer game with NHL 20 set to give players the chance to take on a game of ice hockey on the frozen surface at winter.

It’s a rather different picture at the moment though as the water glistens and flows ahead of Super League Triathlon’s festival of sport in Ottawa on August 3-4.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is rarely open to swimmers, but that will all change when Super League comes to town.

As part of a unique weekend, Super League has secured access for athletes to swim in the canal as part of all the races on offer to Age Groupers, Youth and Juniors and the Pros.

There’s a variety of distances and formats to suit everyone from advanced athletes to novices with Sprint and Enduro races and Relay options to take part in a team.

And there are no worries over the water quality. Independent testing has been regularly carried out and the results are comfortably good enough to meet the strict ITU standards. You can view the updated information here

To learn more and to enter please visit our Ottawa race page

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