Super League Poznan – A Band of Brothers

Super League Triathlon is keeping it in the family this weekend as two sets of brothers battle each other and the rest of the Pro field in a bid to secure a Golden Ticket into the 2019 Championship Series.

Russian siblings Igor and Dmitry Polyanskiy are joined on the start line in Poznan by Australian twins Luke and Jayden Schofield.

As if it’s not hard enough trying to win through such hotly contested qualifiers, worrying about whether your brother will be able to do the same seems to add even more drama to the occasion.

Luke explained:

We both are really hoping to come top three this weekend like everyone else is knowing it’s going to be a tough goal looking at the field.

Both of us qualifying would be a dream come true, neither one of us making it would be fine as it would be good lessons learned and we’ll just try again next time, but one of us making it…well that would just make things awkward.

Racing the brother is a huge advantage: a reliable measure off how hard we should be going, how well the pacing is, and it helps determine whether we are in a good position – sort of like racing your ghost in Mario Cart.

It always feels like the brother is thinking the exact same thing as me, when to make a move and when to sit in.

In a race, we never view each other as another competitor. If I’m running down the home straight and look behind to see Ollie Turner or any athlete breathing up my backside chasing me down, I definitely stress out and get worried. But if I look back and see the twin gaining ground on me…no worries, overtake me, sure go for it.

Barely a day to go to Poznan! Check out the full startlists for our Pro qualifiers here.

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