Poznan – Your Triathlon Adventure Begins Here!

Super League Triathlon is heading to Europe to shake up the triathlon world. On 28-29 June, Poznan will host the second qualifiers of our season. It’s time to jump aboard and experience one of the best multi-sport weekends of your life.

A Race For Everyone
The Poznan weekend, alike our other events, is an access point for anyone with an interest in triathlon, with or without prior experience in the sport. You can pick and choose from multiple distances and different formats. Why not get together with a few of your friends and break the race down into a relay or have a go at the sprint distance at whatever pace you feel comfortable? There is no pressure at a Super League weekend, and you’ll get all the support you’ll need from our knowledgeable and experienced event team.

Age Group Options

  1. Enduro Super Sprint     400m SWIM – 10km – BIKE 2.5km RUN
  2. Enduro                              400m SWIM – 10km BIKE – 2.5km RUN (Twice Through)
  3. ⅛ Distance                       475m SWIM – 22.5km BIKE – 5.2km RUN
  4. ¼ Distance Relays          950m SWIM – 45km BIKE – 10.5km RUN
  5. ¼ Distance Individual    950m SWIM – 45km BIKE – 10.5km RUN
  6. Half Distance                    1900m SWIM – 90km BIKE – 21.1km RUN

Kids’ Events
We also have events for the younger generation on the Friday with a Kids’ Run, Kids’ Duathlon, and Kids’ Triathlon. These events are specifically designed as the perfect jumping off point for your little athletes as a welcoming, friendly, and supportive environment awaits. The best part is that the courses are small, short, and contained, putting everything in one place. The pressure will be off as the smaller athletes race around the incredible circuit being cheered on by their supporters at every turn.

Constant Entertainment
Once you have enjoyed your race, cheered on your athletes, and absorbed all of the SLT sights and sounds, you can then relax and watch the professional qualifiers fight it out for a place in the main series. What a way to round off your weekend!

A Perfect Setting
The race venue is set on a unique regatta course in the middle of the city on Lake Malta, with a two-lane cycle loop following the swim, and a scenic asphalt running trail around the lake. Everything is on hand and in one place.

Poznan is also easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. It is ideally placed to accommodate your trip to be part of our weekend. It could be a long weekend with a multi-sport focus, or you could make a holiday out of the Super League experience and enjoy some of Poznan’s delights. Find out what makes it one of the Top 5 tourist destinations of Europe in 2018!

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Join the fun and be a part of something special as we expand the horizons of triathlon and open doors to all who want to give it a go. Click here for more information and register now to be a part of the action.

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