Turner’s Poznan Pursuit – Sacrifice & Pain

Ollie Turner will toe the line in Poznan this weekend with one huge motivation driving him forward.

The Jersey native is aiming to grab one of the three Super League 2019 Series qualification slots up for grabs for the men in Poland and guarantee another start in his hometown race.

Turner, 20, had the time of his triathlon life racing Super League last season, including the thrill of competing in front of his family and friends in Jersey.

It’s what has driven him on through his tough winter training schedule and will push him to his very limits to try and secure a return for the Super League’s 2019 Series.

He said: “I will race in Poznan. Obviously, I have adapted my training slightly because there is nothing like this in terms of getting back into the water with the heartrate elevated so I have adapted the training just to get used to that.

“I will see how I go but nothing has topped the Jersey race last year and all those long hours of training in the wind and the rain I just think about racing the Jersey event in 2019 and that’s my motivation for this year.”

There have been a lot of changes for Turner over the last year, but he thinks he is a better athlete than ever before.

“Last year I set myself goals and it snowballed, and one thing led to the next. It was a huge breakthrough season for me,” he admitted.

“I started University is September and that meant training with a new coach and I’m now training with one of the British Triathlon centres in Wales.

“This year I am completely different athlete on a completely different programme.

“I have raced a few times this year, but I don’t think I’ve been able to put the training to the ultimate test yet.

“I have a big race block coming up now so I am looking forward to seeing what I’ve got.”

Turner has had to alter his lifestyle to prioritise his studies and triathlon life but after getting a taste of the big time in racing all four Super League events last season, finishing 17th in the rankings, he knows the sacrifices are worth it.

“I think the key for me is trying to keep everything consistent,” he reflected. “Trying to juggle Uni life and triathlon means other things having to take a dip so my social life has taken quite a big dip recently.

“I have finished University now but during exam season I locked myself in a room and as soon as training finished it was straight into revision.

“It’s just trying to keep on top of things and ensure I am organised and if I’m training the next day food is prepared in advance, training in the morning food is with me and ready.

“It’s a mixture between being organised and being consistent.”

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