Pro Guide: How to win a Golden Ticket at BCA Super League Triathlon Bali 2020

With the countdown already on until BCA Super League Triathlon Bali 2020 there are many Pros asking themselves just what it takes to secure a coveted Golden Ticket.

With entry into the Championship Series on the line the race will be another high stakes affair with only the top three men and women across the line in Nusa Dua earning their entry into the sport’s most lucrative season.

Bali offers a stunning yet difficult racing environment with athletes battling each other as well as the hot and humid conditions.

We asked French triathlon star Aurelien Raphael, who grabbed his Golden Ticket at last year’s event in Bali and has subsequently raced Championship Series events in Jersey and Malta, for his advice.

Can you sum up the experience of racing Super League in Bali?

The race of the Super League in Bali was a great experience for me. I was very excited to participate in an event like this. New format, new decor and new encounter.

Do the conditions pose a specific challenge to an athlete?

The conditions in Bali are special. Very hot and humid. This changes the way you run. You have to be more restrained and manage your efforts well. I like the heat, I feel more comfortable. The cold for me is extremely difficult.

Did you do any specific type of training to prepare for the race?

I modified a little my way of training but not in depth. I think it takes at least a year to adjust some things. I remember and keep a very good memory of the race site. A pleasant atmosphere and an event with little care.

As an athlete how big an opportunity is it to have the chance to win a Golden Ticket and what has it meant to you?

Winning a Golden Ticket was for me the absolute priority. I prepared for this goal this winter it was a relief. I am proud to be part of this small Super League 2019/2020 group.

How have you found your first two Championship Series races? Has the whole experience been different than you expected?

My first two races of the championship were somewhat mixed. An entry on Jersey with a tired body and conditions that I absolutely do not like – the cold, the rain, slippery roads etc. Shortly after on Malta my body did not have time to regenerate itself. I had a very long and very trying season.

I was at first disappointed, but I do not give up, I will come back more motivated and especially stronger.

What are your goals for 2020 and what are you most looking forward to when the Championship Series resumes returns after the Olympics?

My 2020 goal will be the French championship of clubs with Poissy as well as Super League. I will focus on these two events looking forward to using my usual form. I look forward to expressing myself on this format that I love.

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