Kids Get In On The Fun With Splash and Dash at Bali

BCA Super League Bali 2020 is an event for the whole family and we believe the adults shouldn’t be the only ones to get in on the fun.

That’s why we have our brilliant Splash and Dash races that cater for children as young as three through to those aged 14.

The aquathlon distances vary for each age bracket so they can all take part and enjoy competing as well as having the opportunity to watch family members have a go and the amazing Pros in action.

The 3-5 age bracket have a 30m swim and a 200m run, for 6-9-year-olds there is a 50m swim and 400m run, 10-12 have a 75m swim and 600m run while for 13-14s it’s a 100m swim and an 800m run.

For more information and to enter click here.

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