Vincent Luis Wants His Pink Jersey Back From Marten Van Riel

Vincent Luis Super League Triathlon champion

Vincent Luis says he is looking forward to reclaiming his Super League Triathlon pink jersey after watching training partner Marten Van Riel wear it well in recent months.

Luis will be the man to beat when Super League Triathlon begins a four-week back-to-back Championship Series in September, visiting London, Munich, Jersey and Malibu in a milestone global tour.

The Frenchman has been the most dominant athlete in the world over the past few years, but was at home watching as training partner and friend Van Riel secured wins at the SLT Arena Games in both London and Rotterdam.

That saw him wearing the pink leader’s jersey which has become associated so closely with Luis, and fired him up even more.

Marten Van Riel SLT Arena Games Rotterdam Super League Triathlon

Luis said:

It’s been a while since I was wearing the pink and I am still a bit annoyed to see Marten wearing my pink but he does it well – until I can race him.

First of all, it is amazing that we can race and Super League puts such effort into us racing with the Arena Games and now the Championship Series. Jersey is my favourite venue of all time, but we will see what London, Munich and Malibu have to offer. Malibu can’t be that bad from what I remember on Baywatch!

I like Super League because in these kinds of races you enjoy from the start to the finish. You start with the travel, the hotel, the vibes around with all the other athletes, you don’t race for your federation and you don’t feel the pressure, at least for me. I get to spend time with people I normally can’t spend time with because we normally stay with our own federations.

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Super League also gives the athlete the chance to put whatever sponsors they want on their suit or decision they want to make, not because the country needs somebody in the front group. There is a lot of freedom.

There are not stupid rules. Super League sets some rules but if you think you can do something better or have any advantage then just do it. We have seen it with people swimming with running shoes, people taking their shoes off before transition, running without shoes – an athlete has to think and I like it.

Luis has a remarkable few months ahead of him as he bids to become the first person to win Olympic gold, the World Triathlon and Super League Triathlon series in a single year.

“I just love to race. I love to toe the start line. I really like training but I am an adrenaline junkie. I want to get on the start line and do my best and win the race and beat everyone,” he reflected.

“It’s a feeling you never get in training or whatever you do. It is starting, finishing and saying ‘I’ve done my job, I’ve done it properly and it’s mine.’

“I was saying to Marten I am excited to race again. It will be a really good build-up to the Olympics and then Super League to enjoy with four races in a row.

“I can’t wait. Putting the race tyres on the bike, the race suits ready… it’s just around the corner.”

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