To Short Chute, Or Not To Short Chute?

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What is a Short Chute? Who can take one? How does the Short Chute work?

How come certain athletes are covering slightly less ground than others? And what is this bringing to the Super League Triathlon (SLT) party?

Well, you asked. So here is the definitive rundown on what the Short Chute is, and how it came into being.

The Short Chute is unique to Super League Triathlon. This compelling element of Super League racing does exactly what it says it does. It creates a shortcut on the race course for those athletes who get one. This basically gives them a time bonus in real time. It adds excitement and tactics to the racing and encourages teamwork and racing hard from the gun rather than sitting back until the final run. There are no time bonuses after the racing. This is live, in the moment, and very dramatic. And with athletes able to win them for teammate, it adds an extra layer of excitement and depth to the racing and the Teams concept.

It is great for spectators, and it adds another exciting element to incentivise leading in disciplines.

Vicky Holland
Short Chute

We’ve updated how the Short Chute will work in 2022. This year, New Rules Apply, and here’s how they will impact the Short Chute?

How do you earn a Short Chute for your team?

To keep the pressure on from the start, the Short Chutes are won early in the racing. In the Enduro, Triple Mix and Eliminator format, there are three Short Chutes to be won. They are given to the first athletes across the Mount Line after the swim on Stage 1, first across the Dismount Line after the bike on Stage 1 and first across the Finish Line after the run on Stage 1. For the Equalizer there is one Short Chute to be won, which is first across the Mount Line after Swim on Stage 1. No team can win more than one Short Chute, no matter what happens.

When are Short Chutes taken?

Short Chutes are always taken on the final Run – Stage 3. And always on Lap 1, so even if you have an advantage, you are not yet over the line.

Who gets the Short Chutes?

That is a decision for the Team Managers. They will pick the athlete from their Team who will be allowed to use the Short Chute if their team collects one live during the race. Once it is assigned it is non-negotiable, meaning the pressure is on the Team Managers to make the right call. Remember, a team can only take one Short Chute in an individual race.

I thought to myself, he played his card, so now I will play mine.

Vincent Luis – he outplayed Jonny Brownlee in Mallorca when they both had a Short Chute to use!
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Super league triathlon & the 90 Second Rule

90 seconds, that’s not very long, is it? About half the time it takes to boil an egg?

Well, that is how close you have to stay behind the leader in a Super League race. If you fall behind, you will be eliminated.

Another innovation we’ve added to SLT is the 90 Second Rule. This eliminates athletes that fall more than 90 seconds behind the leader. People ask us why this rule is in place? What does it bring to the racing, and how does it add to the experience?

Well, Super League Triathlon is all about close, intense, and exciting racing. We plan these races over tight courses to both increase the tension, whilst also providing the best possible audience experience. So, the 90 Second Rule has two functions:

  1. Firstly, it enhances the audience experience. It forces the competitors to race all the way down the field if they want to avoid being eliminated. There’s only a race going on at the front of the field, but also a race further back, as those behind fight to stay within 90 seconds
  2. Secondly, it provides a much-needed safety enhancement. On these smaller, tighter courses we don’t want to risk injury by having faster athletes going full speed on racing bikes whilst others are still running. By insisting on the 90 Second Rule, we clear the race course as the race progresses, ensuring no harm comes to anyone lagging behind.

The 90 Second rule is enforced at the mount line, 90 seconds after the race leader has crossed. So, the question is…

What could you do in 90 seconds?

Go for a run, bike, or swim. Measure how much ground you cover in 90 seconds. That’ll give you an idea of how dialled in these competitors have to be.

There is no room for error, no room for not being up to scratch, and no room at all for a lack of desire. The fight for the front is savage, but the fight at the back is equally as competitive. Total racing from the gun to the finish line, with nothing left to chance.

At Super League, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. We want to push the boundaries, and make triathlon greater than it already is. SLT will keep innovating, disrupting, and pushing the boundaries. We will always aim to develop the audience experience beyond anything you have seen before. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

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