Super League Triathlon Will Be ‘Harder Than The Olympics’

Jessica Learmonth at the SLT Arena Games for Super League Triathlon

Jess Learmonth thinks her first Super League Triathlon Championship Series will provide even stiffer competition than the Olympics.

The Yorkshire star and SLT Arena Games Rotterdam 2020 winner is one of three Brits heading to Tokyo this summer along with Vicky Holland and Georgia Taylor-Brown.

However, the Super League season will not only see that impressive trio compete in London, Munich, Jersey and Malibu, but other top Brits who didn’t quite make the team such as Sophie Coldwell and Beth Potter.

With a stacked field of athletes the competition will be fierce.

Learmonth said: “It’s going to be harder than the Olympics. In the Olympics only a certain amount of people can go from one nation but this is going to be jam packed. It will be the peak.

“The Arena Games has given me a small snippet. It’s really cool and I really fancy it.

Jessica Learmonth Superleague Thriatlon Arena Games Rotterdam Women Pro 023

“The reason I didn’t originally (race Super League) was that I didn’t think I could cope with it being so fast and furious and the young bucks but I really enjoyed the Arena Games and committed to it now and I will probably die a death but either way we are going to nice places.

“I’ve never been to Munich or Jersey or Malibu so I am going to be loving it. It’s a bit like Formula One where you go quickly and you have to be in it and recover well.

“It will be interesting to see how people perform week on week. In the Arena Games the gap between London and Rotterdam was three weeks and you can see the difference in performance so it will be interesting to see if someone dies, if someone comes through at the end or whether someone can dominate the whole thing.”

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