SLT Teams Draft: All the Picks

There are some truly intriguing battles in store over the Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series after the managers drafted their picks for SLT Teams.

Chris McCormack, Annie Emmerson, Tim Don, Michelle Dillon and Ronnie Schildknecht got the chance to select their teams in a draft hosted by Super League commentator Will McCloy.

It threw up some surprises, such as Annie taking Sophie Coldwell as her first female selection for the SLT Cheetahs when Katie Zaferes, the most dominant female athlete in Super League history, was available for selection.

Tim Don went with a strong British contingent for the SLT Eagles with Jess Learmonth, Vicky Holland and Alex Yee in his side while Michelle Dillon’s SLT Sharks are the weakest team on paper according to the data, yet she was delighted with the balance of her side, believing that the likes of Beth Potter and Hayden Wilde give her chances to earn points across overall and discipline points.

Ronnie Schildknecht was delighted to get his first choices for both women and men for the SLT Rhinos in Katie Zaferes and Marten Van Riel.

Perhaps the happiest manager was Chris McCormack. His SLT Scorpions feature powerhouse racers such as Georgia Taylor-Brown, Cassandre Beaugrand, Mario Mola and the most dominant athlete in Super League history Vincent Luis.

The teams:

SLT Cheetahs (Manager: Annie Emmerson): Sophie Coldwell, Maya Kingma, Leonie Periault, Anna Godoy, Jonny Brownlee, Tyler Mislawchuk, Tamas Toth, Aaron Royle.

SLT Rhinos (Manager: Ronnie Schildknecht): Katie Zaferes, Rachel Klamer, Yuko Takahashi, Valerie Barthelemy, Marten Van Riel, Jake Birtwhistle, Jannik Schaufler, Kenji Nener.

SLT Eagles (Manager: Tim Don): Jess Learmonth, Taylor Spivey, Vicky Holland, Vittoria Lopes, Alex Yee, Jelle Geens, Max Studer, Marco van der Stel.

SLT Sharks (Manager: Michelle Dillon): Beth Potter, Non Stanford, Carolina Routier, Simone Ackermann, Hayden Wilde, Jonas Schomburg, Vasco Vilaca, Tayler Reid.

SLT Scorpions (Manager: Chris McCormack): Cassandre Beaugrand, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Ilaria Zane, Emilie Morier, Vincent Luis, Matt Hauser, Mario Mola, Shachar Sagiv.

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