Super League Triathlon Joins With Saudi Triathlon Federation To Grow The Sport In Saudi Arabia


Super League Triathlon will be working alongside the Saudi Triathlon Federation to help grow the sport as part of its trip to NEOM.

As well as the spectacular Grand Finale, which will be staged as part of the NEOM Beach Games and sees SLT’s stars battle it out one last time for the 2022 Championship Series titles, the trip will also help to support the Saudi Triathlon Federation (STF) and encourage participation in the country.

The Saudi Triathlon Federation appointed its first board of directors in November 2021 to oversee the sport of triathlon, duathlon, and aquathlon in all its forms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their mission is to promote, foster and develop an inclusive environment that promotes the mass participation and excellence in performance of amateur and professional triathletes in the community.

Super League Triahtlon’s visit will not only showcase the sport in the country at an elite level, but will also help with practical assistance and use its pros to inspire.

Saudi Triathlon Federation will send seven of its young triathletes to shadow the SLT pros over the race weekend and get the chance for a one-of-a-kind experience to learn from the best in the business as part of the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ programme. See below for details of the athletes taking part.

More than 40 young girls and boys will also take part in a school triathlon clinic in Jeddah, with Super League athletes visiting to lend support and inspiration and highlight the opportunities to take part in triathlon to a wider and diverse community.

In addition, two Saudi elite athletes will also get the chance to join the Championship Series field for the Grand Finale.


Saudi Triathlon Federation vice-president, Jude Jamjoom, said: “This entire relationship, and the exposure and experiences it is creating in the Kingdom’s local triathlon community is extremely unique.

“It is providing our triathletes with a worldly outlook on the sport, an opportunity to represent the country, benchmark their abilities and performance, and instill in them the motivation to work hard and strive to achieve. The rewarding impact that this has had and will continue to have on the community has surpassed our expectations for STF’s first year and we are proud to be at the forefront of this burgeoning and vibrant culture.”

Stars of Tomorrow

Toleen Alrashid: Toleen is an Art and Design Student, and a former swimmer in the Golden Swimmer Swimming Team from 2012 till 2020. She currently coaches young kids and beginners in the same team and has been scouted by Saudi Triathlon as promising talent.

Ameera Sharahilil: Ameera started her sports journey as a swimmer, and organically started introducing running and cycling into the mix. She participated in her first sprint triathlon earlier this year in Saudi as part of a relay team, completing the swim leg of the race. She has since completed her second race individually, realizing quickly that her ambition was to embrace the challenge of triathlon head-on and complete the full race for herself.

Yara Abdlaal: Yara is an Aerospace Engineer and CrossFit enthusiast, ranked second in Yedidalga Aquathlon organized by the Turkish Cypriot Triathlon Federation and participated in multiple Rookie-friendly triathlons.

Ahmed Ali: Ahmed is an aerospace engineering student, and a former swimmer in Al-Tohami Team from 2010-2018 with an impressive track record of podium wins with the Saudi Swimming Federation in the 50 m distance (Freestyle and backstroke), and 1000m distance.  He completed his first triathlon in 2020 and shows promising potential.

Abdullah Al Marri: Abdullah is a high school student who is well versed in many different sports, specifically running. Abdullah has been scouted by the Saudi Triathlon Federation as promising talent and he has been preparing for the last three months for the 2022 World Triathlon Age-Group Championships in Abu Dhabi in late November.

Abdulrahman Adawi: Abdulrahman is a young, talented, and dedicated triathlete who has recently represented Saudi in the 2022 Asia Triathlon Cup Aqaba and has won second place in Saudi Triathlon’s 2021 Juniors Aquathlon.  He is one of the very few Saudi athletes already emersed in the sport of triathlon at such a young age.

Elyas Albattat: Elyas is a thriving athlete that has inherited the sport spirit from his mother a fitness manager, and his father an athlete, and has recently completed a spartan race alongside his father and brother. He grew up with swimming and cycling as a hobby and has participated in many long-distance cycling races. He is an avid triathlon enthusiast and is very eager to attend the 2022 SLT Championship Finale in his home country. 

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