Macca’s Predictions: Super League Triathlon London 2021

Macca’s Predictions Slt London 2021

Column by 4x World Champion Chris McCormack

Will Katie and Vince continue their Super League dominance? Will we see the Olympic medalists continue their good form? Maybe there will be a surprise winner as the young guns show what they have been doing over the past two years? Everybody has a view on how Super League Triathlon London will go.

There’s so little form to speak of after two years without a Super League Triathlon Championship Series race.

HOW TO WATCH: Super League Triathlon London

But with a four event, back-to-back race calendar kicking off at West India Quay this weekend that will all change.

So, just who would win? And who on earth would stick their neck out and try and call it?

There’s only one man for the job, Super League co-founder and four-time World Champion Chris McCormack. Here’s Macca’s verdict:


The Triple Mix in London with the pursuit to finish is an unreal race to start and will blow the cobwebs out for all of them.

Mixing up the disciplines and losing the conventional swim-bike-run order will show you those athletes who have been preparing just for swim-bike-run races because the Triple Mix is a very difficult format to do.

Sylvain Fridelance Championship Male Triple Mix 290

Because of the Triple Mix you have to look for those balanced athletes and weaknesses are heavily exposed.

There are so many talented athletes that deserve a mention but I have to pick, so here goes:


  1. Vincent Luis
  2. Hayden Wilde
  3. Alex Yee
Vincent Luis Cycling - Super League Triathlon Malta 2019

Macca’s view

I think Hayden Wilde will shock a few. He is the Olympic bronze medalist but had a pretty poor back end to the WTCS racing but I think is ready to come back now. Alex Yee is red hot as well. Vincent is just too difficult to pull apart. Marten Van Riel will be close too.


  1. Cassandre Beaugrand
  2. Katie Zaferes
  3. Taylor Spivey

Macca’s view

Cassandre Beaugrand didn’t have the Olympics she probably wanted but is coming off the French Grand Prix and she will be a lot more relaxed. She is in my team, the Scorpions, and it’s a French heavy team and she will feel comfortable and has Vince as a great mentor. Katie will battle it out with Taylor Spivey. There’s so much talent but they are so strong in the Triple Mix format.

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