The Team Enduro Experience, Super League Style

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has brought the Team Enduro Experience to ONE°15 Marina and Sentosa Cove. The race covers two days (23-24 February) with today’s race being SWIM-BIKE-RUN-SWIM-BIKE-RUN-SWIM-BIKE-RUN. Teams of three take turns to complete the SWIM-BIKE-RUN before handing over to their team mate. The winning team is the one that completes the full distance with all team members and crosses the finishing line first.

For today’s showdown, we had 17 teams representing almost every country on earth lining up to take on the SLT challenge!

The excitement was palpable as the athletes readied themselves to take on the unique SLT format and race across the same course the professional athletes will be tackling later in the day. Our hosts ONE°15 Marina and Sentosa Cove entered a team into the race with team leader Asan (competing in his first triathlon) being particularly impressed with the impact the race had on the local community.

“I’m a local and the whole set up is great. The amount of impact/ damage it has on the surrounding is next to zero, which is exactly what we need! I’ve seen a lot of people registering, like kids, teenagers, and adults; it’s bringing all the age groups together in one event and I think that’s really good.”

As well as the local community involvement, the race was packed with global competitors too. Ina Aznan made a trip over from Malaysia to support her husband Hakimi who was racing with international triathlon team MX Endurance.

“It looks very exciting, it’s a very short course so I’m really keen on seeing how he does – it’s a real festival of triathlon.”

Also on course were Singapore teachers Sophie King and Joanne Harris, representing Dover Court International School, one of the community centres that SLT had been involved with in race week. Sophie commented,

“I’m so excited, my heart is racing already, and I’m a little bit nervous. This is huge for the community, I remember watching this on TV and now I can’t believe it’s come to the place I live!”

The gun went off at 11:00 with the first swimmers away. The pace was high at the front of the race with teams APS and Bikemart SG – Breakway leading the field out of the swim. With their first athletes side by side on the first bike, it wasn’t until the run that the athlete from APS broke away, building a lead over the following pack.

The athletes from APS, Colin O’Shea, Assad Attamimi, and Tim Cosulich, held their advantage throughout the event, pushing harder and harder as the race unfolded, and crossing the line with their arms raised.

“That was very tough, we are long course athletes so all this high intensity is tough for us. It’s good that a group of old farts like us can still give the young ones a run for their money!” Tim Cosulich – APS

One of their key challenges was the heat.

“The heat was the least of the worries, it was just being at max for 20/30 mins. I’m glad we’re only doing it once and not three times like the pros.” Assad Attamimi – APS

Nonetheless, despite the pain and intensity, they all enjoyed the experience.

“I loved it, it was great, but it was extremely painful. Going out on the swim and hammering it, then dealing with the technical bike course, before hanging on over the run. We’ll be back.” Colin O’Shea – APS

In second place, team Bikemart SG – Breakway managed to hold off a hard charging team, Integrated Racing, to take second place. Integrated Racing took the final spot on the podium.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, athletes from the remaining teams made their dreams come true by crossing the SLT finish line. It was an inspirational sight to see so many athletes from so many different backgrounds and cultures racing together to be part of the Super League family.

Team Enduro Experience Results:

  1. APS (Colin O’Shea, Assad Attamimi, and Tim Cosulich)
  2. Bikemart SG – Breakway (Bryce Chong, Yi Heng Chew, and Ahmad Arif Ibrahim)
  3. Integrated Riding Racing Team (Gregory Britton, Michael Glover, and Alan Blakie)
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