Super League’s Fun Run – Energising A Community

Saturday’s events continue at pace as Super League brings Singapore’s community together in the year’s finest fun run, consisting of a 2.5KM run circuit, with over 500 runners taking the course.

This event is a real reflection of the impact Super League Triathlon (SLT) has on Singapore as participants young and old take to the course to celebrate health and wellbeing.

The race began at 13:00. The start of the fun run was led out by members of Team NILA, a national volunteer movement that promotes the culture of giving, active citizenship, and social cohesion. In commemoration of Team NILA’s 4th birthday (24 February), they had 50 Team NILA volunteers, attired in the iconic purple, flag off as the first wave of the Fun Run.

Koh H K has been involved in Team NILA for some time and relished the opportunity to not only represent the organisation but to celebrate it.

“I’ve been involved with Team NILA for four or five years. The team provides logistics to sporting events in Singapore and started at the Youth Olympics. This event will really help us raise our profile.”

Families were also present on course with lots of children running the 2.5KM with their parents. Six-year-old Mia Yalkapova was perfectly prepared for the run as she does so much sport!

“I do lots of sports, I do tennis three times a week, and I also swim in the week. I’m not sure if I’ll beat my dad as I may not run as fast as him!”

SportCares, in their bright orange shirts, were also out in force and soaking in the community atmosphere. SportCares serves communities in Singapore to help people live better through sports, a national movement focused on at-risk youths, low-income families, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

“I’ve been involved with SportCares for four/five years, and I thought this Fun Run was a great opportunity to try something I’ve never done before. This takes a triathlon event, which is not our national sport, and gives an opportunity to the children involved with SportCares.” Zaleha Ahmad – PPIS Student Care Centre

Couple Pauline Tan and Jie Ying were out on course together. Jie had convinced Pauline to do the race as a slow build towards a triathlon.

“I’m interested in triathlon, and I’ve been following Super League, so I decided to join in. I wanted to include Pauline too, I race triathlon, but she doesn’t yet.” Jie Ying.

They both completed the race together, and we would like to wish them luck with their wedding at the end of 2019!

The Bellhouse family had decided to run the event together too. Dad Ian, mum Elanor, and their two sons, Hugo and Max, had competed in triathlons before and wanted to get everyone involved in the Super League weekend.

“I think Super League is fantastic and I love the format because it’s so exciting, ’so it’s nice to come and race it.” Ian Bellhouse.

Youngest son Max took the family bragging rights as he, their words not ours, dropped mum and dad like they were standing still.

Post-event, participants were seen enjoying many of the free offerings at the event. Ching Ying and her two children Yj and Cc (both under 5!) were grinning from ear to ear while recovering with some Udders Ice Cream.

“We had so much fun, it was a lovely thing to do as a family. I have not done much running before, we’re not really outdoor people, but I’m so pleased we did. It is such a good thing for the local community.”

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