Insider Info | Pre-Race Rituals

As Super League Triathlon gathers the world’s greatest endurance athletes to compete in the Championship Finale in Singapore, we dig deeper to find out their pre-race rituals! Why do some prepare one way before a race while others do something totally different, and how does it benefit them?


Hayden likes to get pumped up! He’s got a diverse Spotify list which varies from “chill music, Sticky Fingers to upbeat Eminem.” He then closes his eyes and visualizes the course.


For Erin, it’s about tradition. With her husband in the military, she often travels by herself, but his presence is always there.

“I always bring one of Logan’s army shirts with me whenever I travel, it helps me sleep at night.”


Lucy likes getting her hands right; “I always paint my nails before a race.” This started years ago. The colour’s not as important, just as long as they’re done!


Before racing, Matt makes sure to appreciate being present and having all of his gear before toeing the line. This stems from an incident when he left his gear on the bus, and it arrived only 10 minutes before the race!

“I usually take a moment of gratitude before the start to appreciate the fact I actually have the opportunity to race.”


Ryan always preps the night before, leaving nothing to the last minute. He also sticks to the same workout prior to the race.

“I’ve had the same run workout the day before racing for the last 5 years.”


Nathan likes to get pampered before a race. “I get a hair cut.” He asks the barber to make it a fast haircut, hoping for a bit of free speed.

While all athletes have their own routines, one thing’s in common. Each one of them strives to be the best and achieve the ultimate success!

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