Bridging The Gap – Taylor Spivey

Taylor Spivey shone in Mallorca, utilising tactical awareness, nouse, and a true racers brain to take the victory. She proved something to herself and to the world with a stunning display on a weekend where Katie Zaferes was meant to win her third Championship Weekend in a row.

                                             SWIM               BIKE               RUN               TRANSITION           TOTAL

           Katie Zaferes:          8.1/10               8.6/10            8.6/10                  8.8/10                      34.1/40

           Taylor Spivey:          8.6/10              7.8/10            7.0/10                   8.9/10                      32.3/40

“My win in Mallorca really showcased what I am capable of. It showed me that all my hard work is paying off, I’m a well-rounded athlete, and I’m not just good in one discipline.”

Spivey is looking to take the fight to Zaferes again in Singapore, what does she think has the most significant impact on her performance?

“I think my confidence really impacts my performance, we all do the same training, and train pretty hard, but the mental game is a huge factor. Sometimes you just have to look around on the start line and see that everyone is just as nervous as you.”

How has Taylor come to terms with managing her confidence in races and throughout the season?

“Being consistent in races has been a huge confidence boost for me. Every year I do a little bit better than the last, and every race I find something to improve on. On those days where I can really put it all together, I have proved to myself that I am meant to be here.”

How does she view the run of victories Zaferes has been on?

“She is such a strong athlete, she really represents the U.S. women really well because, good day, or bad day, she always seems to be on the podium. In Mallorca, she didn’t have the perfect day, but she was still able to get second, so I think all of us look up to her.”

Does Spivey have a game plan for the upcoming race weekend?

“Swim, bike, run, back to back to back, without a break in-between, I can show my strength in the swim and put the hurt on people with weakness or lack of longevity in open water. Overall it’s going to be a race of attrition with the heat and humidity, so my biggest tactic is to play my cards right and be as close to the front as I can without totally blowing up at the beginning of the race.”

Has she found a guiding philosophy on which to base her constant improvement?

“I think, as an athlete, I’m just trying every day to be a bit better than the day before. If I continue with this level of consistency, then I can have a great year.”

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