Bridging The Gap – Jonny Brownlee

Jonny Brownlee knows he has to step up, he knows there’s work to do, and he knows this is the time to do it.

Vincent Luis

Jonny Brownlee

After a tough year of racing, the “worst” he has ever had, he is feeling confident going into the Championship Finale. He’s had a solid offseason and has recovered from an injury that plagued 2018; instead of letting that injury rock him he’s using the experience to build his assault on 2019.             

“I believe confidence comes from training, I get my confidence from knowing things have gone well in training, and I’m ready to race. For the first time in probably 12 months, I have been able to do that.”

The fight for a podium finish is closer than ever – Jonny Brownlee trails Richard Murray for the final spot, but he has his sights set on the top spot this coming weekend. He plans to dethrone Vincent Luis and underline his return to full fitness and health in a specular fashion.

Vincent Luis holds all the cards based on previous results. What improvement has Brownlee shown in the key disciplines to bridge the gap?

“For the first time, in maybe 12 months, I’ve got some consistent training in. I’ve been able to enjoy my training, my body has been healthy, and hopefully, that’ll make a big difference for me. I trust in the process and am confident with my training!”

How has he approached the build-up to the Championship Finale in Singapore?

“I have been out in Phuket getting used to the heat, which I think is going to be a big factor on Sunday; in the last race it’ll basically be survival in the heat. I have prepared for that as well as anyone else.”

Does the course suit his racing style?

“I think passing will be harder because it’s technical, quite often it actually splits up more on a technical course like this as opposed to a hilly course like Malta or Mallorca. Jersey actually split up more than any other race, so I think this race will blow apart completely.”

What are his thoughts on Luis and the way he has dominated SLT so far?

“I always knew Vincent would be good at this format because I’ve raced him in lots of relays over the years. I have learned his swim is very very very strong. He’s actually got more endurance than I thought, he’s shown that in other races too. He has become a real all-rounder, a consistent athlete, and he never makes any mistakes.

He has clinical transitions, and if he does make a mistake, which is very rare, he’s good enough to get over it. He’s tactical, but if I’m going to beat him, I have to believe I’m going to beat him and make him hurt early in the races.”

What has he been doing to prepare for the racing itself?

“I’ve had an excellent 10/11 days in Thailand where I could focus on the small intricacies of Super League, the transitions, and the short fast format. Until this offseason, I have not been able to run fast off the bike in training for a long, long time due to injury, so I’m looking forward to racing.”

What are his final thoughts on the weekend ahead?

“The heat will play a factor, and people will suffer earlier if they’re not used to that. I’m very British so, I’ll try me best.”

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