SLT Sharks and SLT Cheetahs Believe They Have The Edge After Pontoon Draw

Jm Super League Munich Championship 2022 Jm318597

SLT Sharks and SLT Cheetahs both took the inside pontoon positions after getting first picks in today’s draw in Munich.

The Cheetahs were drawn first for the women and took the opening four slots, with the SLT Eagles next and taking the opposite end. The Bahrain Victorious Scorpions, who dominated the women’s swim in Round 1 in London, were fourth out and start bang in the middle.

Screenshot 2022 09 10 At 16.40.02

Michelle Dillon had first pick in the men’s and put the SLT Sharks in the opening positions. Bahrain Victorious were next and, in a replica of the women’s draw, opted for the opposite end.

Ronnie Schildknecht proved to be unlucky in Munich, drawn last both time and so being left with no option on both occasions.

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