WIN: Arishita’s Famous Trainers Up For Grabs

Super League are giving you the chance to win a truly unique piece of triathlon history.

Michael Arishita was the talk of the triathlon world when he became the first athlete to attempt to swim with his shoes on.

The American was so desperate to try and avoid elimination in his Semi-Final at Super League Malta that he decided not to bother taking his trainers off in transition between his first run and second swim in the Enduro format.

He dived into the water wearing his trainers, only to then discover it wasn’t that easy to swim in them so then flipped onto his back, removed them and stuffed them down the front of his tri-suit.

That proved to be even worse and Arishita’s smile afterwards said it all.

Arishita has found himself the centre of attention after his remarkable feat in Malta and has been asked about those trainers time and again.

Thanks to Super League he is giving you the chance to win the trainers he swam in, and is even signing them too, giving one triathlon fan the opportunity to bag a truly unique piece of memorabilia.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is video yourself swimming in your trainers. Think you can do a better job than Arishita? Prove it. Will you find it even harder? Where’s the best place to attempt it? However you want to give it a go we want to see the results and Arishita himself will pick his favourite attempt to take the prize.

Here are the rules for the competition, also in our recent IG post!

  1. Follow @superleaguetriathlon and @swimmikerun
  2. Create your own video of you swimming with your shoes on, in a pool or outdoors
  3. Post it on your IG feed with a caption containing the hashtag #ArishitaChallenge, and tag both @superleaguetriathlon and @swimmikerun in the video!

The winner will be announced 12.00 CET on Saturday, 7th of December and your video will be featured on our page 🔥

Don’t miss out on a chance to own a piece of SLT history – it’s time to get creative!

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