Vincent Luis’ Early Christmas Present: Going Pink With Nike for October

Vincent Luis says he feels like a kid at Christmas after receiving his custom-made pink Nike trainers ahead of Super League Malta.

The defending champion was promised pink trainers from his sponsors if he would be wearing the pink jersey at the race in Pink October by virtue of topping the podium at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019.

Luis delivered in some style and now has the footwear to go with his trisuit over the race weekend.

He smiled:

“I am happy like a kid with a new gift for Christmas a bit early.

“You know that people make jokes that the French like a bit of fashion in their lives and if I can match my shoes with my jersey that is the high point of my weekend.”

Luis was one of several Nike backed athletes that paid a visit to the brand’s store in the build-up to the race.

Elena Danilova and Maltese Wildcard Shaun Galea accompanied Luis on a trip to the store along with Taylor Spivey where they met the staff and fans and participated in a Q&A with Will McCloy.

Luis said:

“Nike are doing a good job and they are obsessed with innovation and that’s how we focus as athletes. Every time you wake up in the morning you think how you can be better and how you can be better in your everyday practices.

“The guys at Nike are the same and asking if they can break two hours in the marathon and make the shoes to do it and they did. It’s basically how they think and how us as athletes think too so it’s nice to see this support and that we are going in the same direction.”

As part of their drive towards a fitness culture in Malta, Nike and the Hudson Group are promoting Pink October to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Nike are also backing the Nike Fun Run, which will take place before the Pro races begin on Sunday.

Yolande Svensson, corporate marketing manager of Hudson Group, said:

“It’s a pleasure to have these athletes here with us in Malta and also to have them promote not just professional sport but physical exercise.

“There is a lot going on to encourage exercise and we try as Hudson to empower a fitness culture through our CSR activities and with Pink October where we wanted to encourage women and men alike to work out.

“Also through the Nike Fun Run we will have on Sunday it is another activity to get the Maltese public up, moving and running and it’s a pleasure to have these top athletes giving such a great example to the kids about the importance of physical exercise.”

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