Triumphant Zaferes Rises To The Top Again

You can’t keep Katie Zaferes down for long.

The American star reasserted her place at the top of the Super League tree by claiming victory in Malta.

Zaferes hardly had a bad race at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey but was beaten into second place by young rival Cassandre Beaugrand.

There is a fair chance that may have smarted a little given that Zaferes is not used to getting beaten in recent times and always displays that competitive spirit to win.

Though she was honest enough to admit that the catastrophic mechanical failure that ended Beaugrand’s race in Malta was not how she would have wished to have redressed the balance, it was a welcome return to the top step of the podium.

Zaferes said:

“I’m so excited. I knew it was going to be a really tough race and Rachel and Yuko and Taylor are all super strong and Cassandre is really strong and it was unfortunate with her bike mishap but things like that happen in Super League and it stinks.

“She was right on the back of us when I could hear it and when I heard it at first I thought she might be able to shift through and then I heard really not good sounds and when we saw her on the next lap you knew that she was probably not going to be in the race anymore.”

After a long and successful year that has included being crowned Super League and World Series champion, Zaferes is heading home to spend time with her family but still buoyed by the support she received in Malta.

“It was so helpful and you can hear the announcers the whole way round the course and to hear the ‘run, run, run’ really helped me and my legs with the tempo going up the hill and having so many cheers.

“This course is brutal so to have everyone here supporting means a lot and pushes us through those tough moments.

“It’s now off season. I am very excited to take a little bit of a break and head home and see my family so I’m really excited.”

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