#Superwrap Day 2, Malta

The second day day on the increasingly beautiful and seductive island of Malta is a wrap, and what a day it was!

Community Outreach – An SLT Special

An early start saw four of our athletes visiting local schools near the race course, taking time to engage with and inspire the next generation of Maltese sporting heroes. The school children were fascinated by the athletes’ answers to their questions and enthusiasm for learning about endurance sport. All of the children are planning on being on course over the weekend cheering hard for their new found favourite triathletes!

Malta Magic – An Adventure in Gozo

Next, we took a large contingent of our superstars on a ferry visit to the neighbouring island of Gozo, a tour of the historic sites and a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto. The contrast between the cultural insight into the ancient island of Gozo, and the beautiful crystal clear water of the swimming spot made for a perfectly balanced day with the athletes finishing it off cliff jumping into the warm, welcoming water.

The Inspirational Story of Jake Vella

As we returned to the hotel for a brief moment’s rest, it was time to set our sights on the evenings activities with some of our best known stars running a training session for the children of Triathlon Malta. The enthusiasm was off the charts as the children rushed to meet their heroes and spend time interacting with and learning from them – it is in moments like this that you truly see the tangible benefit of the outreach SLT is built around. The most touching moment came when Jonny Brownlee surprised Jake Vella at the training session, Jake battles one of the rarest medical conditions on the planet using triathlon to keep himself motivated and moving. He has wanted to meet Jonny ever since he started in triathlon so this surprise was really special.

Grand Opening of Nike Store

The day was finished off with the opening of the brand new House of Sport store by Nike, something the SLT team and the athletes were proud to be a part of. Whenever an opportunity arises to represent one of our partners over the course of one of our Championship Weekends, it’s something we would never miss!

Coming up next…

Tomorrow things begin to get serious, the racing begins as the athletes take on the Swim ITT. Tune in to all of our channels for regular updates as things will move fast once the gun goes off! Check out the latest videos and news on social media @superleaguetriathlon, Super League Triathlon and @SuperLeagueTri to keep up to date with the latest activities on leading up to race weekend! #IAMSUPERLEAGUE #SLTmalta #MIA #MTA #visitmalta #airmalta #hugos #nike #redbull #gatorade #cisk

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